<i>Office Hours</i> by Mere Rain

Office Hours by Mere Rain

<i>Office Hours</i> by Mere Rain

OUT NOW! Office Hours by Mere Rain

Liam works hard. Liam stays out of trouble. Liam gets good grades. Liam has strict parents. Liam … doesn’t have a lot of self-discipline. He hasn’t been away at college long before his grades start falling. He needs to improve if he’s going to keep his scholarship. And just maybe he could impress Professor Levin with his brains, instead of stammering like an idiot every time spoke to the man.

Blaise Levin likes research and being the smartest person in the room. He doesn’t enjoy teaching and has no patience for slackers. He isn’t sure why he keeps giving Liam second chances. Sure, he’s cute when he begs, but Blaise isn’t planning anything inappropriate with a student. Not until Liam starts asking for more than just academic assistance.


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