Now offering box sets! <i>The King’s Consort</i> by Wayne Mansfield

Now offering box sets! The King’s Consort by Wayne Mansfield

Now offering box sets! <i>The King’s Consort</i> by Wayne Mansfield

We’ve begun to offer some of our older stories and series in box sets, and our first collection is The King’s Consort by Wayne Mansfield, which is now widely available!


Together for the first time in one box set, Wayne Mansfield’s best-selling series chronicles the epic love story between a simple harem boy and the king he serves.

Pan has spent his entire young life on the family farm. He works hard in the fields every day and has little time to enjoy himself, but dreams of a bigger, more exciting existence. But all that changes when he is taken by soldiers to join the royal harem. There Pan is introduced to King Seronisis and soon becomes his consort.

From that moment on, Pan’s life is filled with romance, danger, secrets, and adventure. He falls in love with King Seronisis, who returns his feelings and disbands the harem to focus only on Pan. In many ways, life at the palace is easier than life on the farm, but in other ways it is much more difficult … as Pan soon discovers.

You get 4 stories in one e-book, including: The King’s Prize, The King’s Justice, The King’s Secret, and The King’s Successor.

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Excerpt from The King’s Prize:

Pan followed as the sergeant led him to an ornately carved wooden door at the base of a large building. Towers rose into the sky, sun glinting on the silver cones which capped them. Eagles circled on the air currents, undeterred by the flapping of the flags atop the cones.

As Pan walked through the door, his breath was almost taken away. Behind it was a garden paradise such as he could never have imagined. In the centre stood a large fountain decorated with four athletic men carved out of marble, each standing with their back to the others and carrying urns on their shoulders that overflowed with water. Birds of every colour flew from the branches of exotic trees and below them on the verdant grass small groups of naked men around his own age languished, laughing and too lost in conversation to notice him. A couple of men in their early twenties sat arm in arm, their heads together as an older man read to them from a large book. Another pair of youths kissed, their stiff members pulsing against each other. When they noticed they were being watched they scurried away to some private corner of the garden to continue their encounter.

“Come this way,” growled the sergeant, reverting to an authoritative tone. “Follow me and try to keep up.”

The sergeant led Pan over a vast lawn, through a maze of gardens resplendent with sweet-scented flowers and aromatic herb bushes, and towards a door which led into the main palace building. Having no other choice, Pan obediently flanked the sergeant as he crossed a great hall with high ceilings and coloured glass in the windows, and into a small side room.

The room was light and airy. Its white walls and white ceiling looked pristine. Even the polished wood of the floor reflected both light as well as the blurred images of those entering. In the centre of the room stood a tall cushioned bench, upholstered in red leather and studded around the base. Beside it, wearing a white robe that was open at the front to reveal a lightly haired torso and a semi-erect cock, was a man who was introduced as the royal physician.

“You must be Pan,” he said beckoning the boy and in doing so exposing more of his tanned, toned body. “That’ll be all.”

The sergeant snarled at the physician then turned and disappeared.

Pan swallowed hard. Everything was so overwhelming. He was a stranger surrounded by strangers, playing an unknown role in someone else’s drama.

“Now, don’t worry,” the doctor continued. “I want you to lean forward over this bench and relax.”

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