<i>Not Quite Broken</i> by Chase Carlyle

Not Quite Broken by Chase Carlyle

<i>Not Quite Broken</i> by Chase Carlyle

OUT NOW! Not Quite Broken by Chase Carlyle

Asher Thornwood is having a really bad year. He had his whole life planned, then bam! His fiancé Victor was killed in a car crash. A couple months later, the loss is still fresh in Asher’s mind. But if Asher wants his life back, he has to find a way to pull himself out of the funk he’s in. Whether he’s ready to start living his life, including being open to the possibility of falling in love again, is another question.

Brody Spencer got a second chance at life when he received a heart transplant and he’s determined to make the most of his fresh start. The only issue is he’s never been lucky in love before. He’s looking to change his bad dating luck, though. Mr. Right is out there — he just needs to find the right guy.

When Asher’s and Brody’s lives collide, the attraction is immediate and they start dating. What neither knows, at least at first, is that Brody has the heart of Asher’s dead fiancé. If Asher wants a real shot at happiness with Brody, then he’s going to have to learn to let go of the life he thought he would have. Otherwise, life will pass him by.


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