<i>No River Wide Enough</i> by Mel Bossa

No River Wide Enough by Mel Bossa

<i>No River Wide Enough</i> by Mel Bossa

OUT NOW! No River Wide Enough by Mel Bossa

Two years ago, Chris and his boyfriend left the city to settle in a small town at the US-Canada border. Eager to start a new life, Chris bought the Frontier Café, but a year later, his boyfriend dumped him, leaving Chris the only openly gay man in town. Nowadays he’s resigned to a life of romantic solitude.

Hank spent the last years traveling through the country for his job as a water plant engineer. Deeply closeted, he’s careful about the men he meets. Like the rivers he studies, he runs fast through the land.

In town only for a few weeks, Hank is intent on getting the job done and returning home out west to take care of his father. But Chris’s warm manner and decadent desserts are no match for Hank’s defense mechanisms. For the first time in his life, he finds himself wanting to go with the flow.


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