<i>Nine Days in Provincetown</i> by Tom Munroe

Nine Days in Provincetown by Tom Munroe

<i>Nine Days in Provincetown</i> by Tom Munroe

OUT NOW! Nine Days in Provincetown by Tom Munroe

Dean, a struggling financial analyst from New York City, embarks on a vacation to Cape Cod to get away from the daily grind. Right from the start, the vacation seems to be a disappointment. At first he doesn’t meet anybody interesting, and then, to make matters worse, the wrong kind of person. When a group of guys invite him to join them at a local bar, Dean’s luck — and possibly his future — changes immediately.

Dynamic Marco, a travel planner from Boston, doesn’t take no for an answer. With his charming Italian looks and compelling character, he pursues Dean and quickly wins him over. They spend the rest of Dean’s vacation together, but Marco wants more.

Too soon, Dean’s vacation comes to an end. Both Dean and Marco are determined to continue their dalliance, but the odds are stacked against them, and they are left with all the challenges of a long-distance romance.

As both men are equally committed to their jobs, will they be able to overcome the distance and differences separating them, especially when Dean starts to have doubts about Marco’s carefree lifestyle? Do they have a future together?


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