<i>Nice and Vicious</i> by Mere Rain

Nice and Vicious by Mere Rain

<i>Nice and Vicious</i> by Mere Rain

OUT NOW! Nice and Vicious by Mere Rain

Nice lived for Fritz, until Fritz dumped him just before the holidays. Nice is convinced Fritz doesn’t really love his new boyfriend. He’ll do anything to get Fritz back — even pretend to date Fritz’s hated rival, Visho. When Fritz sees Nice with Visho, he’s sure to be jealous. Right? This plan sounded better in Nice’s head than it does when he’s explaining it to a very hot, very sarcastic stranger.

Visho lives for his career. He doesn’t have time for romance. How did that incompetent Fritz end up with both the promotion and the boyfriend? At least Visho can get a little revenge by pretending to date Fritz’s adorable ex — even if sweet, easy-going Nice is the opposite of Visho’s type. Visho likes edgier guys, guys who push back when he gives them a hard time. Not men who are so … Nice.

Nice and Visho both know what they want, and it’s not each other. Absolutely not. Definitely no. Probably …


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