<i>New Year, New Love</i> by Casper Graham

New Year, New Love by Casper Graham

<i>New Year, New Love</i> by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! New Year, New Love by Casper Graham

Vance Waller can’t believe his luck. It’s a week before Thanksgiving, and he has to travel more than three hours to meet up with a client just because his supervisor is too lazy to do it. To make matter worse, his crappy car has to die on him, and he’s stuck in a small town called Pontybridge, which is forty-five minutes away from his destination. As if that isn’t bad enough, there’s a snowstorm.

Vance’s luck improves when Brett Griffiths, the attractive owner of the bed and breakfast in town, approaches him and helps tow his car away. His luck continues to become better when Talon Patterson, a handsome and successful lawyer, comes to stay at the B&B.

There’s an instant attraction between the three of them, and the sexual tension is intense. However, there’s a big problem. Both Vance and Talon live in San Francisco while Brett resides in Pontybridge. Vance is also having issues at work, and he knows he needs to resolve that.

Can the three men find a way to make their relationship work?


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