<i>New Man in Town</i> by Edward Kendrick

New Man in Town by Edward Kendrick

<i>New Man in Town</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! New Man in Town by Edward Kendrick

When Wylie Lewis sells his half of the detective agency he owned to move into the house his grandfather willed him in the small town of Earlston, he expects he’ll have work to do refurbishing and redecorating it. He doesn’t expect that Garry Parish, the handsome restaurant owner who lives two doors down, would offer his assistance, as well as put him in contact with Carl, a handyman who could do most of the manual labor.

Wylie also doesn’t expect to be the sheriff’s prime suspect when Nelly, a young woman who works for Garry, disappears a week after Wylie arrives in town. As if that isn’t bad enough, a second woman, Emma, vanishes a few days later.

Wylie, Garry, and Carl team up to try to locate them before the sheriff decides to arrest Wylie, but things take a deadly turn when they find Nelly’s body. Will they be able to discover who the killer is in time to save Emma, while Wylie and Garry deal with their growing attraction to each other? Or will Wylie become the killer’s next target, with deadly results?


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