<i>Nate</i> by Cheyenne Meadows

Nate by Cheyenne Meadows

<i>Nate</i> by Cheyenne Meadows

OUT NOW! Nate by Cheyenne Meadows

Book 3 in the Misfit Shifters series and sequel to Thor

Reindeer shifter Donner intends to spend his precious time off before Christmas relaxing. That includes hanging out at a local watering hole when a tall, dark, and handsome shifter walks in. Just as he’s figuring out how to hang onto Nate a little longer, he gets a call. Seems his brother stole a certain sleigh and Donner’s tasked with bringing it back by Christmas Eve. The last thing he wants to do is chase after his wayward brother on his days off. The only bright side is that the shifter he didn’t want to leave behind agrees to tag along.

Heartbroken, Nate leaves the Bluebird Valley Preserve for a much needed vacation only to land in the middle of karaoke night. What starts out as a casual hook up turns into a wild goose chase with the man who stirs emotions in Nate that he’d previously shut away. With nothing more pressing and unable to let Donner slip through his fingers, Nate agrees to follow wherever their crazy journey might lead. While he leaves the Bluebird Valley Preserve behind, he can’t get the place out of his mind. Home is where the heart is, but can it be in two places at the same time?

Trust isn’t Nate’s strong suit, and he’s long since given up on finding love. Yet, deep down, he knows Donner’s special. Just how special remains to be seen.


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