<i>My Sister’s Boyfriend</i> by Drew Hunt

My Sister’s Boyfriend by Drew Hunt

<i>My Sister’s Boyfriend</i> by Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! My Sister’s Boyfriend by Drew Hunt

As far as Mike Johnson is concerned, Cory Hawkins is perfect — big, strong, blond, kind … and straight and going out with his sister. Usually Emma dated losers, but Cory was a definite exception to the rule.

When Cory breaks his foot playing rugby, he shows up at Mike’s front door on crutches. The lift up to Cory’s flat is out of order, so Mike invites Cory to stay with him. As Emma is away, Mike willingly becomes Cory’s caregiver and driver.

When Cory’s and Emma’s relationship ends, Mike believes he won’t ever see Cory again, so is surprised to get a phone call from the man. It seems Cory thinks Mike would be a better fit, romantically speaking, than his sister.

Mike is hesitant. Cory is straight and Mike doesn’t want to be discarded once Cory realises this. But Cory — with his muscles, sexy smile, and winning personality — can be very persuasive.

Can love be blind to gender? Or will Mike come to regret his sister ever bringing her boyfriend home?


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