<i>My Roommate Kyle</i> by Eve Morton

My Roommate Kyle by Eve Morton

<i>My Roommate Kyle</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! My Roommate Kyle by Eve Morton

Richard, Kyle, and Devon are roommates through circumstance, not necessarily by choice, but Richard figures he’s lucked out, especially with Kyle. They’re good friends, like the same books, and don’t mind sharing a movie and a joint every now and then.

Everything changes one New Year’s party when Richard and Kyle go beyond the bounds of friendship. Richard isn’t gay, though Kyle is, and the two move past the incident rather quickly, and move on with the rest of their lives.

When their random one-off nights are no longer random, and definitely not one-off any longer, Richard is forced to wonder if he and Kyle should do something more about their developing relationship. When Devon moves out, a chance presents itself to move into something more — together.

Will Richard and Kyle take it? Or hide behind movies, books, and other people for the rest of their lives?


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