Murder Times Four Box Set by Edward Kendrick

Murder Times Four Box Set by Edward Kendrick is now available!


Four gay mystery thrillers by best-selling author Edward Kendrick. Contains the stories:

Murder on Rainbow Lane: My name is Adam Moore, and I am not a happy camper at the moment. Someone is killing the residents on Rainbow Lane cul-de-sac. If that wasn’t bad enough, they’re trying to frame me for the murders. My only hope of proving my innocence? Detective Steve Jarrett … if I can convince him I’m not the man he’s looking for. Although he may be the man I’ve been looking for all my life.

Premonitions: When Daniel moves into the house he inherited, he gets premonitions something isn’t right. Then he meets Griffin, who lives off the grid, and they become friends. Daniel’s ex appears, suggesting Daniel turn the house into a restaurant, with his help. When Daniel refuses, bad things start to happen. As the attraction between Daniel and Griffin grows stronger, will they survive what Ray does next?

The Elevator Murders: When Tony finds a dead man in the elevator at his apartment building, he and his friends try to solve the murder. Kirk, an admitted playboy, tries to help them, but is rebuffed until he finally explains to Tony why he’s the way he is. What Tony learns about Kirk, plus a third murder, changes everything, as Tony tries to deal with his feelings for Kirk while not becoming the next murder victim.

The Hitchhiker Murders: When married PIs Brent and Quinn Collins are hired to find Andrew, who disappeared while hitchhiking, little do they know they will become embroiled in murder. Two other young men have gone missing under similar circumstances, their bodies found buried in the mountains. Brent and Quinn believe they know who is responsible for the killings. Can they prove it without ending up dead themselves?


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