<i>Miles to Go</i> by Jerry Moreno

Miles to Go by Jerry Moreno

<i>Miles to Go</i> by Jerry Moreno

OUT NOW! Miles to Go by Jerry Moreno

Unemployed, nearly broke, and deeply in the closet, Toby desperately needs some direction in his life. Then he meets Wayne, who seems to have it all together.

Coming out is something Toby never thought he’d do. Living in a small town with a deeply religious mother makes him believe he’ll be alone forever. Wayne, although surrounded by a loving and supportive family, aches for the feeling of true love.

They embark on an adventurous journey together to Nashville, New Orleans, and Dallas, which gives Toby the opportunity to figure out who he is and who he wants to be. Wayne sees in him the chance for a deeply meaningful relationship, but only if he can find the courage to come out.

Can Wayne inspire Toby to come out? Can Toby fill the void in Wayne’s life? Will love win in the end?


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