<i>Merry Christmas, Jane Doe</i> by Eve Morton

Merry Christmas, Jane Doe by Eve Morton

<i>Merry Christmas, Jane Doe</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Merry Christmas, Jane Doe by Eve Morton

Sara Jones would know Jennifer Cohen’s voice anywhere.

When Sara runs into her favourite true crime podcaster at her pet store, she wishes her all the best for her 100th episode of I Love You, Jane Doe, where Jennifer plans to unearth the identity of a local woman. Sara also gives Jennifer advice on cat diets, since her girlfriend’s cat has been putting on the pounds. What should be a quick and helpful meeting ends up spiralling into an adventure over the longest night of the year to return the cat to its rightful home and to record the 100th — and final episode — of the podcast. Together.

Sara’s crush on the always poised, and now recently single, Jennifer grows and grows. But while she and Jennifer share a traumatic past that bonds them, both women fear a future where violence lurks around every corner and the world, even during Christmas time, seems to still believe the worst in people. Can both women heal themselves in time to fall in love? Or will they always be left scarred and victimized by the harsh world around them?


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