<i>Mercy of These Bones</i> by Vivien Dean

Mercy of These Bones by Vivien Dean

<i>Mercy of These Bones</i> by Vivien Dean

OUT NOW! Mercy of These Bones by Vivien Dean

Four years ago, Mathias Larsen broke siring laws to save a lover’s life.

Four months ago, that lover turned on him, leaving him for dead.

Now Mathias has followed her path of death to Las Vegas, straight to the last vampire who wants to see him: his sire. The man he left for a woman who stabbed him in the back.

Edmund has found love again with a nightclub owner, the very human Darby Bell. He doesn’t want to believe Mathias’s warnings, but a murder that hits too close to home gives him no choice. While he struggles to keep Mathias and Darby safe, emotions run high as old love collides with new.

But the clock is ticking. The vampire Assembly is coming to town, the local police are alerted to Mathias’s nocturnal activities, and passions are flaring high. Time is running out. By the time death strikes again, all bets are off.


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