Men at Play by R.W. Clinger

Men at Play by R.W. Clinger is now available!


When video game designer Brett Bett attends a New Year’s Eve party, he reunites with friends and foes. Happily single with no intention of discovering a “possible” boyfriend, Brett meets the private party’s handsome bartender, Nevin McBane. The attraction between them is immediate.

Through an assortment of party games, the two become quite acquainted with each other. Numerous drinks are shared, histories of their pasts are learned, and dancing becomes necessary.

Frankly, Brett thinks he’s met a great guy, a charmer. Someone he can maybe fall for. As midnight approaches and the clock counts down to the New Year, Brett must make a decision. Does he want to go home with Nevin after the party, or stay single and unencumbered?


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