<i>Martinet</i> by Mazarin Stone

Martinet by Mazarin Stone

<i>Martinet</i> by Mazarin Stone

OUT NOW! Martinet by Mazarin Stone

Christopher Worthington thought pushing his friend Alex Breschi at his former Dom would be a good way to introduce Alex to the BDSM lifestyle he was involved in, as well as create another barrier in his heart between himself and the man he had been half in love with for years, Mahiro Seta. But when Chris sees how much Alex and Mahiro have fallen for each other at a play party, he realizes any chance he ever had at a relationship with Mahiro was dead forever.

Into his maudlin thoughts walks Adam Wa, Mahiro’s best friend and roommate, and someone Chris has known for years, but had never quite gotten to know. Adam seems to know just what Chris is longing for, perhaps because Adam has been longing for Chris himself.

Ever wondered what happened to Adam and Chris after the party in Florentine? Here’s your answer.


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