<i>Lucky’s Woman</i> by Katharine O’Neill

Lucky’s Woman by Katharine O’Neill

<i>Lucky’s Woman</i> by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! Lucky’s Woman by Katharine O’Neill

Charlotte loves animals. She’s dedicated her life to looking after them. When her friend and vet gifts her a kitty who came in after someone rescued him from poor living conditions, Charlotte knows she’s found her forever animal. But someone doesn’t want her to have the feline, who she’s now christened Lucky.

Max has been trying to get Charlotte’s attention for years, but she’s so wrapped up in all the animals. He thinks giving her a cat as a present might win her over, only to realize that Lucky came from an unscrupulous couple who were breeding animals for profit, and now they’re about to be arrested, they want to make their animals disappear. Including the police’s expert witness, the one who was given Lucky …


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