<i>Loving the Boss</i> by Shawn Lane

Loving the Boss by Shawn Lane

<i>Loving the Boss</i> by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Loving the Boss by Shawn Lane

Alan Sommers has loved his boss, Kincaid Malloy, for as long as he can remember, and though he’s gay, Kincaid doesn’t seem to choose men like him. In fact, Kincaid’s late longtime partner seemed to be the opposite of Alan.

Still, hope springs eternal, and every morning Alan comes in early to make sure Kincaid’s coffee and office are just perfect for him. It’s the least he can do for the man he loves from afar. So when Kincaid asks him to house and pet sit while Kincaid goes out of state for a conference and a weekend rendezvous, Alan agrees.

When Alan meets Kincaid’s neighbor, he thinks maybe it’s time to abandon his love for Kincaid and move on to give someone else a chance. But perhaps it was just the push the stubborn Kincaid needed, and loving the boss won’t be the mistake it’s always been.


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