<i>Loving the Assistant</i> by Shawn Lane

Loving the Assistant by Shawn Lane

<i>Loving the Assistant</i> by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Loving the Assistant by Shawn Lane

Lawrence “Lorrie” Bishop has been at his job as a waiter at Red Rita’s, for a couple of years. He feels like he needs something else in life but he’s not sure what. Besides a steady boyfriend, of course.

When Rita must take a medical leave she brings on her son, Jackson, to run the restaurant. Lorrie is surprised to be prompted to assistance manager. Now he’s going to have to work with the sexy as sin, Jackson, who Lorrie guesses is straight and definitely out of his league.

Jackson isn’t quite sure Lorrie has what it takes to be management, but he is attracted to the younger man, and because of his mother, he gives Lorrie a chance. Before long Lorrie proves himself a great assistant manager and Jackson clears up his sexual preference misunderstanding when he asks Lorrie out.

Can they have a future beyond a brief loving the assistant?


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