Lonesome Men by Edward Kendrick

Lonesome Men by Edward Kendrick is now available!

Two men with nothing in common except friendship.

One man is Darren Cameron, a cop who patrols the streets nightly. After his divorce — because he revealed to his wife he was gay — he gained full custody of his son, Jesse. Jesse is now twenty-one, living with his girlfriend, and trying to play matchmaker between his landlord, Malcom, and Darren.

The other is Rob, a homeless war veteran living on the streets, who has adamantly resists all Darren’s efforts to help him start his life over. When Rob is attacked, Darren finally has what he needs to help his friend get off the streets. Despite Rob’s wariness, he moves into Darren’s home under the guise of protective custody … much to Jesse’s dismay.

Can Darren and Rob handle what comes next, including their growing attraction for each other? Or will Rob ultimately reject Darren’s help and return to his former life?


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