<i>London in the Rain</i> by Ellie Thomas

London in the Rain by Ellie Thomas

<i>London in the Rain</i> by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! London in the Rain by Ellie Thomas

A life of set routine is the norm for Raymond Smith. Now in his mid-thirties, a fleeting wartime romance far behind him, he is an exemplary clerk at a London insurance firm where he’s perceived as dry and conventional.

But Raymond has a secret. Every month or so, he visits Charlie’s, one of the more understated bars in Soho’s flowering gay scene in the 1930s. There, he seeks relief with strangers to get him through the next few weeks.

On one of these visits, he encounters suave David Carstairs, a well-travelled linguist with the Foreign Office. Rather than a brief encounter, David offers him friendship and even affection. Despite Raymond’s misgivings, the two men, with their contrasting backgrounds and experiences, start to form a bond in the spring of 1936 as Europe inexorably begins to march towards war.

Will Raymond fearfully reject this chance of happiness? Or can he unbend enough to allow David into his heart and life?


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