<i>Life Marches On</i> by Sean Cunningham

Life Marches On by Sean Cunningham

<i>Life Marches On</i> by Sean Cunningham

OUT NOW! Life Marches On by Sean Cunningham

Sequel to Death Changes Everything

When a jury convicts Dana and Lance for the murders of his wife and brother-in-law, as well as attempted murder, Ian Hughes feels he can finally put that horrible chapter behind him and focus on his relationship with his boyfriend, Danny Diaz. Wanting to get away from all the madness of the last year, Ian and Danny go on a vacation to England. Unfortunately, the rest and relaxation they desperately want never happens.

When Danny accepts a job as a technical advisor for a film Ian’s stepfather is filming, he has to work with his ex-boyfriend, actor Kevin Kane. Kevin wants Danny back, but how far will he go to get what we wants? Between kidnapping, murder, and framing an innocent person, it’s obvious someone doesn’t want Danny and Ian to find happiness.

Will their love be strong enough to withstand another deadly adventure? Can they figure out who is behind all of this before another person is killed or an innocent man is locked up for life?


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