<i>Liaisons in Jubilee</i> by Jamie Craig

Liaisons in Jubilee by Jamie Craig

<i>Liaisons in Jubilee</i> by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Liaisons in Jubilee by Jamie Craig

Katie Mayes is the executive manager for a large, east coast beach resort. Unfortunately, her boss has discovered her one secret — her seasonal flings with Caleb Beckett, the Entertainment Director. Company policy dictates no internal fraternization, especially between managers and their subordinates, so her boss gives Katie a choice.

Caleb or her job.

She avoids personal encounters with Caleb, until one fateful night a week before the resort’s big summer launch. Then, she runs into him at a local nightclub. When Caleb approaches her, she tries to give him the cold shoulder, but he follows her onto the dance floor where the music, her desire, and his persistence break her will. She claims it’s one more before they break it off completely, but Caleb insists on more than just a single night with her. Far from an ending, he views the summer as their true beginning.


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