<i>Just Like Santa</i> by JL Merrow

Just Like Santa by JL Merrow

<i>Just Like Santa</i> by JL Merrow

OUT NOW! Just Like Santa by JL Merrow

Jason loves working at the Bright Eyes nursery, but he’s not so keen on what happens at the kids’ Christmas party. As if having to don an ancient, tacky Santa costume isn’t bad enough, he’s mortified when he suffers a costume malfunction. Especially as it happens right in front of the hot — and impeccably dressed — Alec, a single dad he’s fancied for ages.

But when Alec’s daughter Poppy invites Jason round for tea, he finds Alec was only too pleased to get a glimpse of Jason’s naff underwear. In fact, he’d like to see a whole lot more of it. A Christmas miracle? Maybe … but there’s one more embarrassment in store for Jason next morning.


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