<i>Jack’s Back</i> by A.C. Katt

Jack’s Back by A.C. Katt

<i>Jack’s Back</i> by A.C. Katt

OUT NOW! Jack’s Back by A.C. Katt

Jim Menetti had a life at Indiscreet, the Gay BDSM club owned by Bear Drummond and Reed Davis. His life revolves around Reed, his Master, and his position as manager of the Club.

On Jim and Reed’s third anniversary, Jack Leary, Reed’s on and off flame comes back and Jim’s relationship with Reed unravels.

He picks himself up and makes a life for himself apart from his job, buys a home, makes it into a cozy retreat, and gets a cat he names Waltzing Matilda. He even has a new love interest, the mysterious Professor Caleb Brickner, an expert in the Spanish Inquisition and medieval torture.

Then Reed changes his mind.


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