It’s Been Such a Long Time by Davina Lee

It’s Been Such a Long Time by Davina Lee is now available!

Amanda Johnson leads a comfortable life. She’s married to a successful businessman and her daughter is grown and off blazing her own bright trail in the business world, leaving Amanda free to fill her days volunteering at the local charity thrift shop. It isn’t an exciting life but it’s secure, and most days Amanda is content to accept the path that she has chosen.

But all of that changes one day when a woman walks in with a crate full of LP records to donate. As Amanda flips through the stack, there’s one album in particular that drags her back to an alcohol-fueled senior year summer outing and a bonfire where she kissed a girl on a dare. She doesn’t know it yet, but that very same girl is standing in front of her, all grown up now and peering into Amanda’s eyes over a crate of vintage vinyl.

There’s a flash of recognition and Amanda begins to wonder what her life would have been like if she had followed her heart instead of everyone’s expectations. What if she had turned left instead of right, zigged instead of zagged? Would she be happier than she is now? And when given the chance to do it all again, will she have the courage to change her decision and follow her heart?


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