<i>It Takes Two</i> by Edward Kendrick

It Takes Two by Edward Kendrick

<i>It Takes Two</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! It Takes Two by Edward Kendrick

Richard Blackbourne: Owner of an elite jewelry store. He assists the police, behind the scenes, when they need his considerable computer skills. Now someone wants him dead.

Kel: Small-time P.I. He also works incognito for the police, going undercover to gain information on criminals, then passing it on to one of three detectives who use his services. At the moment, he’s trying to learn the identity of the man behind a gang of B&E specialists.

Their paths cross when Kel learns of, and foils, an attempt on Richard’s life by two members of the gang. The question becomes, why would their unknown leader want Richard eliminated?

Can they stay alive long enough find the answer while also trying to deal with their growing, but unspoken, attraction to each other?


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