It Takes a Cake by Lisa Gray

It Takes a Cake by Lisa Gray is now available!

Coco, a struggling entrepreneur who bakes her way through business, falls for her gorgeous and ever so practical accountant, Rose. Coco hides her longing though because, as her mom always says, how could anyone be serious about such an unaccomplished “second best” like Coco?

When faced with a last-minute impossible wedding cake order, Coco seizes the make-or-break challenge and sets to work. Hours later, lonely, discouraged, and close to failure, Coco aches for Rose’s practical advice and alluring presence. When Rose arrives to save the cake, can Coco abandon her doubts and grasp her one chance to whip up a recipe that includes them both in the mix?

Note: This short story was originally published in the charity collection, Love Is Proud.


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