<i>Incubus</i> by Pelaam

Incubus by Pelaam

<i>Incubus</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Incubus by Pelaam

Sequel to Slayer

Geoffrey of Whalley is a Slayer on the mend. Still healing from an almost fatal demon hunt, his full recovery has been slow, with missing memories and odd dreams impeding his recovery.

A call from a friend to investigate a report of an incubus in a small village, sure to be nothing more than an innocent falsely accused, gives him an easy job while he regains his full strength, and an opportunity to find a new intermediary, one who suits better than the last.

When Geoffrey arrives, he finds the accused is new to town, and none of the usual signs of an incubus. But four people have disappeared recently, and he refuses to leave until he finds out why. There is evil in the village, but not in the form Geoffrey imagines.


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