<i>Huntinghawk</i> by Mark Wildyr

Huntinghawk by Mark Wildyr

<i>Huntinghawk</i> by Mark Wildyr

OUT NOW! Huntinghawk by Mark Wildyr

When Curt Huntinghawk, a twenty-two-year-old Northern Plains Indian, hooks up with the Colorados Rezagados, a group of Southwestern tribesmen contracted by the US Border Patrol to hunt drug runners along the Mexican border, he recognizes it’s a necessary move to save himself from a life of alcoholism, but he has no idea he’ll turn out to be one of the best at his new profession. Dangerous? Yeah, but it’s as close to living the life of a warrior as he can find, and that restores his self-respect and sense of honor.

But when he saves a young man trying to cross the border across the deadly Sonoran Desert, he doesn’t suspect the youth’s intimate way of showing his gratitude will shake his woman-chasing way of life to its foundation. But that carries its own dangers. How will his running buddy Grove Whitedeer react should he find out about Hawk’s sexual deviancy? How will all the Red Rezes, for that matter? One more danger to face while playing cat and mouse with a deadly drug runner he calls Wolverine.


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