<i>Honeysuckle Love</i> by A.J. Shay

Honeysuckle Love by A.J. Shay

<i>Honeysuckle Love</i> by A.J. Shay

OUT NOW! Honeysuckle Love by A.J. Shay

Andreas Keller is a certified trainwreck. He’s young, emancipated, broke, and has a budding criminal record. When a judge mercifully sentences him to community service instead of jail time, Keller is faced with the most horrible thing he can imagine — three hundred hours of mandatory volunteer work with the minister’s son.

Cameron’s job at the library is interrupted when he’s assigned to supervise the town troublemaker. He has no idea what to expect when he begins working with Keller, but it certainly isn’t friendship.

Is there more to Keller than meets the eye? Can the two overcome their differences and past trauma? Or will a horrible bet ruin everything between them?


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