<i>Ho, Ho, Grump</i> by J.D. Walker

Ho, Ho, Grump by J.D. Walker

<i>Ho, Ho, Grump</i> by J.D. Walker

OUT NOW! Ho, Ho, Grump by J.D. Walker

Haven Vadillo gets grumpy during the season of good cheer. Everything bad in his life has happened to him during the twelfth month of the year. He was kicked out of his home by his parents in December. He found out too late that Hamish Abernathy, the man he fell in love with in college, had a boyfriend — also in December. He just can’t seem to catch a break.

Years later — you guessed it — in December, Hamish turns up in his life once more, and Haven isn’t sure what to think. And the confessions and accusations that fly during their first meeting in over a decade don’t help.

Can these two men work their way through misunderstandings and hurt feelings to make this Christmas a season worth celebrating?


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