<i>Hayden’s Lucky Number</i> by Drew Hunt

Hayden’s Lucky Number by Drew Hunt

<i>Hayden’s Lucky Number</i> by Drew Hunt

OUT NOW! Hayden’s Lucky Number by Drew Hunt

Hayden Marsh watches his local amateur rugby league team play every Sunday afternoon. He doesn’t understand the finer points of the game, but then he’s more interested in the finer points of the number 13. Kenny Jacobs is big, strong, and has an alpha male streak a mile wide — everything that Hayden desires in a lover. It doesn’t hurt either that Kenny looks drop dead sexy in his rugby kit on the field or his leather jeans off of it.

As Hayden’s father’s best friend, Kenny has been a part of Hayden’s life for as long as Hayden can remember. Because Kenny has always been an out and proud gay man, when Hayden began to realise his own sexuality, coming out to his parents was pretty much a non-event. However, tensions rise when Hayden announces his intention to date Kenny. His parents don’t like the idea of their son being with an older man who’s also a family friend. Kenny has his own reservations, too.

With so much stacked against him, will Hayden be lucky enough to win the heart of his number 13, or will he be shown the red card and be forced to admit defeat?


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