<i>Haunted Embraces</i> by Alexander Verlangen

Haunted Embraces by Alexander Verlangen

<i>Haunted Embraces</i> by Alexander Verlangen

OUT NOW! Haunted Embraces by Alexander Verlangen

Isaac is a new recruit at the most prestigious soccer team on the East Coast. He has one goal: to not make a fool of himself. Everything falls apart when he does just that.

Jackson, his stunningly attractive Australian rival on the team, is furious at his performance. Cameron, the charming British team captain, is dedicated to settling their feud. Jackson dares Isaac to last one day with them in a haunted mansion.

Inside the haunted mansion, things are ghostly. Three poltergeists that look exactly like them are up to something. So are Jackson and Cameron, who are opposites in every way. Cameron is kind and caring. Jackson is passionate and stubborn. Yet Isaac finds himself confused, wanting both of them.

Can they manage to explore their electric chemistry and survive?


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