<i>Haunted by the Past</i> by Pelaam

Haunted by the Past by Pelaam

<i>Haunted by the Past</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Haunted by the Past by Pelaam

Finding a house that suits him, Jared makes the move to reclaim his independence. However, he doesn’t expect to find himself both attracted to and concerned for the almost-reclusive gardener, Evander. Jared believes Evander is hiding an eating disorder.

But the appearance of old photographs and love letters in the house cause him to wonder about the stoic man. As their friendship becomes more, he wants to help and uncover the secrets he knows Evander is hiding.

Each of them is haunted by something, and it’s not the house. When a ghost from Jared’s past appears, they must fight for their own happiness, even if it means exposing themselves and the truth.


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