Gunslinger’s Lullaby by Jovana

Gunslinger’s Lullaby by Jovana is now available!


Easy McClure is a hot-headed little spitfire named after her father’s favorite saloon girl. When her father is killed in a range war, she inherits his ranch. Alone now, and facing the responsibility of taking care of a large spread, she packs away her bloomers and corsets and wears tight jeans with a six-gun strapped to her hip.

One day, a bleeding cowboy rides up to her house with a bullet in his shoulder. By the time she learns he’s a notorious gunslinger, his whole gang arrives. She has never seen such hot, sexy cowboys in her life, and has a problem resisting their advances. As time passes, she is slowly drawn to them and puts her better judgment aside, surrendering to their steamy seduction.

Then the day comes for them to leave. That’s when she must admit she’s in love with each one and faces a painful dilemma — can her love tame all four men, or will they forever be a group of hard-riding gunslingers dodging bullets and running from the law?


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