<i>Guests</i> by Wayne Mansfield

Guests by Wayne Mansfield

<i>Guests</i> by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Guests by Wayne Mansfield

Staying in a hotel can be an exciting prospect. You never know who you’ll meet. It certainly never occurred to Eric that he would meet the man of his dreams sitting alone in a chair by the reception desk of the Dorchester Hotel.

Jock is handsome, tanned, and distinguished. A man of many talents. When he invites Eric up to his hotel room to continue their conversation, Eric eagerly accepts. They continue to chat for a while, learning more and more about each other.

Then things take a bizarre turn. People don’t usually end up doing Reiki half an hour after meeting. Yet, surprisingly, that isn’t the strangest thing to happen. For Eric, the meeting will be like none he has ever had before. Or ever will again.


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