Guest post by Ofelia Gränd

Guest post by Ofelia Gränd

Guest post by Ofelia Gränd

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, we’re individuals, and we like different things. Kace and Luke in Kisses and Cabins have been friends for thirty-five years, but where Kace is big and burly, Luke is lithe and quite swishy. Kace likes to fish and being in the outdoors, Luke squirms if he gets dirty, so when Luke tells Kace he’s buying a cabin in the woods Kace tries to talk him out of it.

Luke is determined. He’s buying a cabin — for them. Kace doesn’t know what to do with that. It doesn’t matter if he’s attracted to Luke, he’ll not risk ruin thirty-five years of friendship. He’d rather have Luke as a friend than not have him in his life at all.

But things don’t always go as planned.

EXCERPT FROM Kisses and Cabins

“We’re leaving after breakfast.” Lukas handed him a plate with two egg-in-a-hole toasts. Kace took it and sat.

“Leaving?” He glanced at the clock — only 10:15. He’d be tired at work tonight unless he napped during the day.

“The real estate agent.”

“Luke –”

“No, I’ve made up my mind. You’ll love it.”

Kace sighed and bit into the toast. “I think it’s a stupid idea.”

“It’s always good to have properties.”

Studying him, Kace reached for the coffee and took a sip. “You need to look after a house. You can’t just buy it. It’ll fall apart.”

“I know! I owned a house.”

Kace shook his head. “You owned a new, modern house. A cabin in the woods… How’s the plumbing?”

Luke gave him a wide-eyed look. “Eh … It’s working.”

With a groan, Kace leaned back in the chair. “How old is this cabin? Is there a sewer?”

“It’s working.” Luke frowned at him.

“Great.” Kace had a bad feeling about this whole affair, but it wasn’t his money, and if Luke wanted a cabin in the woods, then … He shook his head. He couldn’t picture Luke with a cabin in the woods.

He reached across the table and put his hand on top of Luke’s. “Lukas, have you thought this through? It feels a bit hasty.”

Luke turned his hand, so they were palm to palm. A shiver ran through Kace, as Lukas caressed the soft skin on his wrist with his fingertips.

“It’s not hasty at all. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. You need somewhere you can go to relax when you’re not working, and I need time with you away from everything else.”

Kace stared. “You can’t buy a cabin because you think I need time away from the city.”


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