Guest post by Ofelia Gränd

Guest post by Ofelia Gränd

Guest post by Ofelia Gränd

Why Quincy Dean is buying Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I thought I’d drop by today and tell you a little about Quinny, Focus!, my latest story, but mostly about candy.

I’m Swedish, and you might not know this, but Swedes are said to have the highest candy consumption per capita in the world. I admit that I do my share to keep us at the top. My favourite candy is Djungelvrål, and I know you’ve probably never heard of it, but you can find it on Amazon, and if you want to, you can search on YouTube and see people’s reactions to eating it. I’ve done that, checking YouTube that is, so I knew that when Will in Quinny, Focus! was yearning for some sweets, Djungelvrål wasn’t what he was after.

As a writer, you Google a lot of things, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. So naturally, I Googled, and the most popular candy in the US according to USA Today, is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. And luckily we had some at home! So, everyone in the household got one, and I told them that the characters in my story were having Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and that it’s the most popular candy in the USA — I teach my kids important stuff LOL

When I’d written the story and sent it to my beta readers, one of them got back to me and said Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups was her favourite candy, and she’s German. I guess Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have conquered the world. But I dare you all, if you get the chance, try some Djungelvrål.

EXCERPT FROM Quinny, Focus!

Quincy was glaring at the woman in the grocery store who cut in right in front of him to grab some cheese. Their arms practically touched. He hoped his sugar skull face mask made him look scary when he scowled. The woman, however, ignored him.

Sometimes his boyish looks didn’t work in his favor.

Annoyed, he stopped in a corner and typed a quick message to Will, complaining about the idiots in the grocery store.

As he walked over to the milk, there was a buzz in his pocket. He grabbed a milk carton and some yogurt before picking up the phone.

Will: People are idiots. Stay as safe as you can. Oh, and would you get me some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? I’ve been craving them all day.

Quincy: Shop on your own time!

He added a smiley to show he was kidding. He’d buy some to leave with the clues for the picnic. Ty had suggested chocolate, but now he knew Will liked Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. And he liked coffee since they had coffee together every morning and at three in the afternoon, and he liked nice clothes and fast cars. He wrote again.

Quincy: Casual clothing for tomorrow. We’re gonna be outdoors.

He hoped the weather would be warm. They hadn’t predicted any rain, but wind and gray skies could ruin the picnic.


Quincy Dean is one lucky guy. After months of virtual flirting, he’s convinced the man of his dreams is living next door. True, they’ve never spoken face-to-face, and William Johnson has never posted a picture of himself, but how many William Johnson’s could there be?

Quincy is positive the two of them would be great together. But if he’s ever going to get the chance to convince Will of that fact, he’s going to need to do it before his perfect man figures out he’s too good for Quincy’s little corner of Whiteport and disappears from his real life forever.

But how do you woo someone when you have to stay six feet apart? Direct messages are great, but they aren’t very romantic. And when Quincy begins to notice that Will’s messages don’t always match up with what he’s seeing through his blinds, he worries that even online he and his dream guy are drifting apart. Six feet or not, it might be time to ask Will out on a date.


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