Guest post by Nell Iris

Guest post by Nell Iris

Guest post by Nell Iris

Regaining Trust by Nell Iris

If you ask romance readers what their least favorite thing to read in a romance is, the majority will answer “cheating.” It doesn’t matter what their favorite genre or trope is, or if it’s gay or straight romance — or somewhere in between — on that issue most readers agree. No cheating in my books, please!

I won’t lie to you: I’m one of them. I avoid cheating whenever I can, and grumble when I come across it by mistake in a book I’m reading. More than once I’ve DNF’ed the book if there’s cheating.

So I get it. Trust me, I do.

Then how come I wrote a book that opens with an instance of cheating? (Don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler, it’s right there in the blurb.)

The idea came to me when I scrolled past an article in one major Swedish newspaper. It was called something like 7 ways your relationship can survive infidelity. My curiosity was piqued, and I read it.

The article got me thinking: in a world where the norm is kicking the cheating partner to the curb, how can you make your relationship survive? It got me thinking about the rich and famous couples that have chosen to stay together after infidelity, Bill and Hillary Clinton probably the most famous among them.

Whatever you may think of Hillary Clinton, can you imagine the guts it must have taken to stay and fight for her marriage? To have everyone and their mother weigh in on your choices and even ridicule you for them?

I have no opinions on whether she should have stayed or not. It’s none of my business; the only people who get to decide what will happen with their relationship after infidelity are the people involved in it.

And in the case of my new release, Regaining Trust, Law decided to give Frankie another chance.

This is the story of how they pull through.


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