Guest post by JL Merrow

Guest post by JL Merrow

Guest post by JL Merrow

JMS Books has turned ten years old this month, and I’d like to wish them many happy returns!

I first found JMS Books back in 2012, when I’d been writing for 3 years and was starting to get back the rights to some of my short stories that had appeared in anthologies. For those not familiar with the process, contracts for stories to appear in anthologies typically specify a term of 2 or 3 years, after which the author is free to publish the story elsewhere. When I first started writing, I was quite a prolific author of short stories (I had to work up to full length novels gradually) so I found myself with an ever-increasing number of short stories looking for new homes!

Although I love reading anthologies myself, and seeing a dozen or so different takes on a particular theme, including stories by new-to-me authors, I know they aren’t for everyone. Sometimes, as a reader, you just want a quick read from an author you know and love. And sometimes a particular story pulls you in, more than a general theme would. So it’s been great to see my short stories getting a new lease of life and a new readership with JMS Books.

I’m particularly grateful to JMS Books for publishing two collections of my short stories: A Flirty Dozen, which features twelve of my m/m short stories, and A Feminine Flirty Dozen, which contains my f/f short fiction. And, of course, for bringing out readers’ favourite Muscling Through in paperback for the first time.

I was delighted to have my short story Dead Shot — one of the first stories I published with JMS — included in the anniversary anthology, A Decade of Gay Romance, and I hope I’ll be publishing with JMS Books for many more years to come!

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