Guest post by Iyana Jenna

Guest post by Iyana Jenna

Guest post by Iyana Jenna

One beloved fellow JMS author, Paul Alan Fahey, was always so supportive and told me there was nothing wrong not to be able to write fast and to have short pieces instead of long novels. I love you always, Paul. May you rest in peace.

I’m not making excuses but it’s true that it’s hard for me to write fast. I’m always amazed when I hear or read how other authors can write 2,000 words in one sitting. To be able to cough out 500 words will be such an achievement for me because usually I can only have 150–200 words.

My writing pieces are also mostly short stories, vignettes, which some people often find quite frustrating when reading them because A.) they want more, or B.) they want more details or story development. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t want to write novels or even series. I do. I still try hard and hope that someday I will be able to publish such work.

Having written mostly short pieces also frustrated me as it was hard to find a publishing house that is willing to publish them. I did found several publishers who were, but to make the story short, we’re no longer together.

I’ve been publishing with JMS since 2013 and I’m so grateful for that. The works I’ve had so far range from short stories to novelettes. Then one day there was news that JMS accepted flash fictions from their in-house authors in their Hot Flash line. I felt like my dream has come true! Needless to say, I began sending my stories to them.

So now I’ve had four titles of Hot Flash with JMS Books. They are:

A Boyfriend for Christmas: Cold, injured, and afraid, Oliver wants a boyfriend, a new one, who is nothing like his ex. Yet after the ordeal he experienced last time, he doesn’t want to get burned again. Little does he know that Santa Claus and the Big Boss have a surprise for him in the form of Derek. When he sees the miserable condition Oliver is in, Derek is all too willing to fulfill the role of boyfriend. But can Oliver trust Derek with his heart?

A Midnight Caller: Actor Ashley Ferguson gets a phone call in the middle of the night from a secret admirer who admits to be an actor, too, and who adores Ashley very much. Ashley knows he has to be careful, but he is also deeply curious who it might be. The calls continue, and they grow more intense and heated. Should Ashley report them to police? Or see where they might lead?

Flawed: Alex Nathaniel is a bouncy, gorgeous model. One day he gets a chance to have a photo shoot with famous model Jake Lawrence. Lawrence is like a Greek god with his sculpted jaw and muscled chest, and to say that Alex is excited is an understatement. This news, however, doesn’t sit well with Jayden, Alex’s boyfriend. Jealousy fills his heart, but he’s curious, too. He browses the internet for Lawrence, which makes him even more intrigued by the man. What happens to Alex when Jayden’s curiosity turns more serious?

Invisible: Daniel Matthews lost someone dear in the past. When he sees a young man lose his fast food dinner to a couple of bullies, he ends up buying both of them a meal. To his surprise, Liam reminds Daniel a lot of his brother, gone too soon. But the feelings Liam rouses in Daniel are definitely not the same. Daniel offers to take him home, but Liam lies about which house is his because has no home. He has nothing. Or had … until Daniel.

I will have another Hot Flash coming soon with the title of Apparition. And what else do you think? Oh right now I’m preparing another one that I plan to send it to JMS Books as well. Hopefully it will be accepted!

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