Guest post by Ellie Thomas

Guest post by Ellie Thomas

Guest post by Ellie Thomas

As I write mainly historical romance, I am compelled by the forbidden love aspect of LGBT stories set in past centuries. Relationships between those of the same gender were not only disapproved of, but for gay men, were against the law and could have consequences of draconian punishment. I find it so moving that people suffered simply because they were attracted to the same sex.

In my stories, the pressure of my main characters to hide their sexuality from their family and even deny relationships is something I feel drawn to explore. The ‘guilty secret’ aspect of the emotional dilemma for so many generations of LGBT people really touches me. Thank goodness times have changed.

In this short extract from Another Chance For Love, my latest story with JMS Books (released on July 4th), set in 1920, my main character Adam, having failed in the past, tries to resist his mother’s pressure to marry him off.

EXCERPT FROM Another Chance For Love

Not that she regarded his single state to be entirely his fault. Like the rest of the family, she had been taken aback by the defection of his fiancée, Delia. One hospital visit when he had been at his worst and virtually catatonic had been enough to prompt her to return his ring. Her rapid second engagement before he was discharged from medical care had dashed maternal hopes for reconciliation.

His mother had been as patient with him as her rigid nature allowed her to be. She had graciously allowed him some months to recoup from what she thought was his disappointment. How could he tell her he felt nothing but relief?

“You will be attending the Hamiltons’ soiree on Friday evening?” His mother’s query was far more of a command.

“Of course, Mother,” he said with an enthusiastic smile as though he had been looking forward to it, rather than realising this was a timely reminder to get his evening dress-suit cleaned beforehand.

“Isabel Vickers should be there,” his mother continued, fixing her attention on him, “such a charming girl and an excellent dancer.”

Adam muttered something neutral, tried to keep smiling and concentrated on his blackberry crumble. Below the surface, he felt cornered and nettled by such interference. He wished his mother would stop trying to match-make for him although he was aware that she just wanted him to be happy and safely married off or at least engaged to a ‘suitable gel.’

But, he remembered, this same social and moral pressure was how he got ensnared with Delia and this time around, he would do his level best not to get trapped like that again. It was far easier to let his mother continue to believe that he was lovelorn over his ex-fiancée and not that his heart had been entirely lost to a man instead.

* * * *

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