<i>Fur Real</i> by Alex Winters

Fur Real by Alex Winters

<i>Fur Real</i> by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Fur Real by Alex Winters

Gray Hunter is working behind the bar at his first Cyber Con, hosting a horde of aliens, astronauts, and, a giant, furry squirrel from his favorite sci-fi series, Cyborg Clones. When the giant squirrel is surprised the big, burly bartender recognizes him, sparks fly, drinks flow, and the fake fur on the cosplay costume isn’t the only thing feeling warm and fuzzy all of a sudden.

Troy Cavendish runs a successful trading card company, but Cyber Con is his one weekend every year to dress up like his favorite cybernetically-enhanced space squirrel and, hopefully, strike up a conversation with some random stranger. He’s never had any luck until this year, when he meets Gray, the sexy bartender with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Cyborg Clones.

Will the unlikely pair make it out of their squirrel suits and into bed? Or will nerding out have to be enough for the sexy strangers?


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