Frost and Frontiers by Jessica Payseur

Frost and Frontiers by Jessica Payseur is now available!


From a snowy landscape to among the stars themselves, these three F/F erotic romance stories bring together distant lovers and give them the fantasy endings they deserve.

In “Frost and Ice,” ice queen Isolde confronts building tensions with a maligned ex-lover who is trying to turn up the heat in her kingdom.

Engineer-turned-entrepreneur Nessa is looking forward to finally meeting her long distance girlfriend Chantal in person on Europa. That is, if they can get through the “Unexpected Dilemmas” threatening to keep them forever apart.

And in “Orbits,” Ruby isn’t planning to run into her old flame Jen on the new orbital colony Raft, but neither is she planning to miss the chance to reconnect with the one woman she can’t quite shake from her head … or her heart.


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