<i>From a Trick to a Treat</i> by Pelaam

From a Trick to a Treat by Pelaam

<i>From a Trick to a Treat</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! From a Trick to a Treat by Pelaam

When Harvey accompanies his sister-in-law and her children for trick or treat, his nephew makes sure he’s introduced to Castille, a man living alone in a big house nearby in whom Harvey is interested. There’s an instant chemistry between them and they agree to meet later, which is something very much out of character for the home-loving Harvey.

With his attraction to Castille burning through his veins, Harvey finds his normal, placid world is turned upside down. But when they go out together, he’s warned against Castille by a bartender. He chooses to trust Castille, but after a night together, Castille fails to contact Harvey the following day. Or the one after that.

Is the barman’s warning true, and Castille tricked Harvey? Or will Harvey be treated to a happy ever after?


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