<i>Forgotten Faces</i> by Vivien Dean

Forgotten Faces by Vivien Dean

<i>Forgotten Faces</i> by Vivien Dean

OUT NOW! Forgotten Faces by Vivien Dean

Some call him the Angel of Death, but Caleb knows better. He doesn’t kill. He erases life. Centuries ago, the Higher Powers created him to walk the terrestrial plane, eradicating those from existence who have either earned punishment or asked for dissolution. No attachments, no commitments, no problems.

His latest assignment should have been as easy as the rest. But the second he gets invited into Leandro Warnell’s remote Alaskan cabin, Caleb knows something is different. It’s more than the overpowering physical attraction between them. It’s more than the inconsistencies that have plagued this assignment from the start.

It’s the mark Leandro wears over his heart, the symbol unique to Caleb’s body. Because the only way he could’ve got the tattoo is if Caleb had given it to him…and the man who’s collected memories for the last thousand years has no recollection ever meeting Leandro before …


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