<i>Flyleaf</i> by Tim Mead

Flyleaf by Tim Mead

<i>Flyleaf</i> by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Flyleaf by Tim Mead

An inscription in the front of a book has unexpected consequences for Adam Craig, the new English professor at Colby State University.

Adam has recently ended a long term relationship. Although the split was amicable, Adam is lonely. Enter sexy bookseller Tony Lucanno, the source of the book with the inscription. Adam has had previous dealings with Tony but the book brings them face to face for the first time. Alas, Tony can’t shed any light on the mysterious inscription, which Adam believes is a coded message from an older gentleman to a younger man. To add to Adam’s frustrations, Tony lives in Ann Arbor, at least seventy miles from Colby, which makes dating difficult.

Much closer to home is Blake Bellamy. Adam is captivated by the younger man on first meeting. However, their second meeting is in the classroom. Blake is a late entry student for one of Adam’s classes.

Adam has a decision to make. It isn’t easy. Tony or Blake? Will the inscription in the flyleaf point him in the right direction?


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