<i>Familiar or Not</i> by Pelaam

Familiar or Not by Pelaam

<i>Familiar or Not</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Familiar or Not by Pelaam

Julen might be a witch, but Halloween is too commercial for his tastes these days. When his Aunt Cassandra learns that Julen likes their new neighbour Aleck, she can’t resist trying to bring them together, and invites Aleck to a Halloween soiree. But she interferes a little too much.

To Julen’s delight, he and Aleck seem made for one another. Until he discovers his Aunt’s involement. Heartbroken to think what he shared with Aleck isn’t real, Julen runs away to a mountain cabin to get over the hurt.

When the truth comes out, can Cassandra and her familiar Wiley get Julen and Aleck back together before it’s too late?


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